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NW Children's School

At NW Children's School, we provide an environment secure enough so that children may explore their own feelings and find ways of expressing those feelings using their own personal learning styles as well as a means to communicate their own needs and joys to others.  We provide an atmosphere where children can learn without fear of failure or where attempts are appreciated.  We don't have to be perfect we just need to do our best!

- Kathy Ruesken, Director

Our school facility is brightly decorated and spacious.


At Northwest Children's school, our large classrooms, with learning centers, free play areas and more, gives your child the opportunity to discover his/her interests.


Inside each classroom is a table for teacher-guided activities which include writing, math, reading, puzzles, sensory activities and more.


Each of our programs are designed to engage your child and help them learn and explore. Our curriculum is based on four main learning areas.

Aesthetics, Life Skills, Pre-Academics, Social Skills.


We have an alphabet puppet program that introduces letters and their sounds to your children through the use of songs, stories, puppets, and activities. This program is great for children of all ages and encourages learning in a fun way.

Our curriculum at a glance:


Aesthetics - puppetry, music, art, creative movement, and more.


Life Skills - science, gardening, woodworking, cooking, nutrition,

and more.


Pre-Academics - phonics, pre-reading, pre-math skills, and more.


Social Skills - taking turns, communication, free play, group play, problem solving, and more.







Our staff misses everyone tremendously!  We hope you are busy jumping in rain puddles, cuddling and reading, playing games and building forts.


Spots are still available for the upcoming school year!  We are coming up with so many fun plans for your little ones.  You may print an application at home (found under the "Registraton and Tuition" tab above).

Please send applications to:

3833 168th St NE

Arlington, WA  98223


Thank you for all your understanding and cooperation.  Please stay safe and healthy. We look forward to all the adventures we will have with you soon!




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